About Carol

The vision for “Events by Carol” grew out of a genuine desire to share what I had learned from my past experiences.
To share what helped me when everything crashed down around me and my body signaled “no!” in every possible way.
To share the lessons learned, and hopefully help others prioritize differently and find the space that we all need for ourselves.

So, who is Carol?

I had the privilege to live in several different countries as a child. I speak both English and Swedish fluently. My father was Swedish and my mother is half Greek, half Lebanese, which is where I get my interest for cooking and good food.

I moved to Sweden in 1982 and started working as an assistant in 1995. By 2015 I had gathered almost 20 years of experience working primarily as an Executive assistant in several different sectors.

I loved my job, I was appreciated and valued as a proactive, efficient, diplomatic, service-minded, organized, friendly colleague. I enjoyed the dynamic, international environments, all the great colleagues and the team spirit. My life felt like it was as it should be, but somewhere along the way I lost myself…

My story – Inspired to help others

I worked too hard for too long during a chaotic period in my life. I didn’t rest properly and I pushed myself until I could no longer function. I couldn’t handle noise or places with too many people. I couldn’t think properly. I had a constant sense of panic and an overwhelming sense of failure. At times I felt like I had become the worst possible version of myself.

Who was I if not smart, social, efficient, energetic, funny and always one step ahead? What was important? What was true? I needed to re-evaluate almost everything. I couldn’t see the difference between self-confidence and self-esteem, and I realized how important performance had become to me. To look and seem successful.

I looked for answers and help everywhere, and slowly, I found my way back. I finally started to prioritize differently, and accept the “new Carol”.  But I still could not exercise at all, my body couldn’t handle it. Until I found yoga. Yoga gave me a way to let go of physical tension and relax my mind. To stretch, relieve pain and build strength. And I loved it! Adding yoga to my life was the last key I needed.

This has been a painful and difficult, but extremely educative journey. I came out the other end with an insight and an understanding – and maybe even a depth I didn’t have before. And out of this journey the idea for “Events by Carol” was born. The inspiration to help others find new ways to be healthy, eat well, move and breathe. To enjoy and find the space we all need. The space that is so difficult for many of us to claim in everyday life.

I am so grateful to be able to provide all of that, in the beautiful, peaceful setting of our homes in Nice and Stockholm. And welcome my guests with warmth, understanding and a passion to enable change.

Carol Möllebo

My passion for food

Name: Carol Möllebo
Home: Stockholm – Sweden, Valbonne – France
Family: My partner Johan, 4 children and a cat

I value: Love, family, serenity, friends, laughter, music, a sense of purpose, compassion and tranquility

I do all the cooking for the retreats and conferences. I learned to cook by eating delicious food and being interested in where the different tastes came from. I love using lemon, garlic, rosemary, tomatoes, onions, parsley, mint and so many other delicious ingredients.

My mother was an amazing cook with recipes from Greece, Lebanon, Italy, Iran, Thailand and the famous Swedish meatballs.

My guests tell me to write a cookbook, but I don’t have any recipes! I never follow them. I become inspired by things I see at the market or in the shops, and I take it from there. I often hear that my food feels healthy, but still delicious. Like its hard to combine. But for me, that’s the key. I cook with love and passion, I follow the seasons, the colors and if you shop where I shop you may find me lost in thought by the vegetable or fish stand. Silent, thinking, feeling and mentaly tasting. Letting the idea of what to serve, and how to present it, form in my head.

This may all sound a little strange, but the reviews I get about the food can’t all be wrong, and hope I have inspired you enough to want to come over and taste it yourself!