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I strongly believe in having a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle, which also includes when, how and what we eat. We should not need to choose between healthy or delicious. Food can and should be both! And while we’re at it, why not also beautiful to look at and deeply nourishing?

This strong belief is the reason why I do all the cooking for the retreats, events and conferences hosted by Events by Carol. I follow the seasons as much as I can, use the best possible produce and enjoy surprising people with how delicious healthy food can be.

I am a certified Retreat Chef, having studied at the Holistic Retreat Academy in England. I also enjoy sharing what I have learned by arranging mindful cooking workshops for smaller groups.

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Our retreats take place at our lovely old olive farm in the south of France.

We welcome every guest with open arms and a genuine desire to promote health and well-being. A retreat is a place for you to be inspired and find new energy. We offer a peaceful at-home feeling with a warm and welcoming sense of detail, a personal touch and sense of luxury.

We take the time for yoga and stillness. We let ourselves be inspired by mindful cooking, massages and visits to the beautiful and bustling local market.

Our goal is to create a qualitative and genuine experience for all your senses.
A place for both private and corporate groups to reflect, relax and recharge.

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In our Living Room concept, we provide the perfect venue for smaller groups seeking a fully private and personal experience in a spacious and comfortable at-home setting in Stockholm or the South of France.

Take the opportunity to focus on new strategies, goals and teambuilding in a relaxing and energizing setting. Add a mindful cooking workshop, a thought-provoking talk about personal sustainability or a relaxing yoga session to further inspire your team.
After almost 20 years of experience as an executive assistant with event planning and project management in corporations of various sizes, we are fully aware of the prerequisites of a successful team event and offer tailored packages for both corporate and private clients.

This is Carol

The vision for Events by Carol grew out of a genuine desire to promote holistic health and personal sustainability. To create space and awareness and inspire others to a fuller, healthier lifestyle.


Many years ago, I was challenged with an unusually chaotic and stressful period in life, both personally and professionally. Unfortunately this continued for too long, until I was no longer able to function as I always had.

Struggling with many uncomfortable symptoms – I was eventually diagnosed with severe fatigue syndrome and spent over a year away from work and life as I knew it while also trying manage a strong sense of failure. I had reached a point where almost everything that defined me as a person, everything that I thought was important, needed to be re-evaluated. I began to reflect on what we do with our energy, how we prioritize and measure personal value and how that is connected to performance and success.

It was a difficult, but extremely educative journey. I emerged with new insight and understanding. Inspired and passionate about helping others to be healthy and personally sustainable. I had learned the importance of managing stress and creating space to reflect and recharge. With this grew a true sense of urgency to make a difference. To help others avoid the mistakes I myself had made. To learn from what I had learned.

From this sense of urgency, Events by Carol was created.


I originally learned to cook by eating delicious food and being interested in where the different tastes and textures came from. I love using lemon, garlic, rosemary, tomatoes, onions, parsley, mint, chili and an abundance of fruits, vegetables and other delicious and healthy ingredients when I cook.

My Greek/Lebanese mother was an amazing cook with recipes from Greece, Lebanon, Italy, Iran, Thailand and many of the other countries we have visited and lived in. I am very grateful to have been so influenced by her unique cooking skills.

I cook intuitively, following what feels right at different times of the year and inspired by things I see at the market or in the shops. I often hear that my food feels healthy, but still delicious, that it’s cooked with love. And it is. I cook with focus and passion, I follow the seasons, colors, tastes and textures and if you shop where I shop you may find me lost in thought by the vegetable or fish stand. Silent, thinking, feeling and mentally tasting. Letting the idea of what to serve, and how to present it, form in my head.

I have been asked countless times to write a cookbook, and one day I probably will… Until then, I hope I have inspired you enough to want to come and have a taste!

Client testimonials

Maria J, Stockholm

“For me yoga was taken to a whole new level by spending a weekend in this lovely French villa, with Emmanuelle’s inspiring classes, Carol’s truly superb food and so much caring and positive energy from beginning to end”.

Maria J from Stockholm, Yoga retreat in Nice Spring 2016

Lena, Västervik

“I just wanted to write and thank you for a wonderful retreat! You are the perfect hostess with a great ability to think of the small details that make a difference. Wonderful ambiance and harmony, food prepared with love and care and alot of patience for your guests… I will remember yesterday like a small shining jewel for a long time…”

Lena from Västervik, Winterboost in Stockholm, December 2016

Therese, Karlshamn

“I loved the food, lovely house and comfortable beds! Great conversations with the other women. And I loved the details; nailpolish and creams. So personal and caring. I had high expectations but the retreat was even better than I expected”

Therese from Karlshamn, Yoga retreat in France Autumn 2016

Catja, Stockholm

“I will be back again soon! Your retreats are unique, the olive farm is stunning and so welcoming. The personal, genuine touch you add to everything really makes a difference. I miss it already!”

Catja from Stockholm, Yoga retreat in France Spring 2019

Therese, Stockholm

“You have a real ability to create warm and personal atmospheres and make people relax. The topics in your workshop are important and perfectly challenging. The whole day was so beautifully organised for our team and I am already planning for us to come back.”

Therese from Stockholm, Team event in Stockholm Spring 2018

Sofie, Falun

“Thinking about our retreat with warmth, love and happiness. Thank you for inviting us into your beautiful home and sharing your sweet energy! You are a remarkable woman and I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet you and hear your story. So grateful!”

Sofie from Falun, Yoga retreat in France Autumn 2016

Malin, Stockholm

“Thank you for a fantastic day in your warm and beautiful home. I feel strong and peaceful after our team event together here. Wonderful food and inspiration!”

Malin from Stockholm, Team event in Stockholm Spring 2018.

Maria, Värmdö

“This yoga retreat in Nice was probably the best treat to myself ever! Spending time together with 7 beautiful and amazing women, including the coolest yoga instructor and a caring and loving hostess, has been a blessing and exactly what my body and mind needed right now.”

Maria from Värmdö, Yoga retreat in Nice Spring 2016

Helena, Gävle

“This retreat exceeded my expectations! So much dedication and heart in Maria’s yoga and the food was AMAZING! I would buy the cookbook if you had one. Loved the details in the house, such as suntan lotions, nailpolish, body lotions, etc.”

Helena from Gävle, Yoga retreat in France Autumn 2016

Maria, Stockholm

“A huge thank you from our team! You quickly got a sense of our group and its dynamics. Your honesty and commitment to the individuals you meet truly shines through. We look forward to our coming workshops!”

Maria, Team event in Stockholm, September 2019

Marita, Stockholm

”Grateful for these past days. For the trust, the environment and the food, oh the food! Everything is so beautifully composed and planned, genuine and thoughtful, with beautiful views and lots of wonderful yoga. Thank you with all my heart.”

Marita from Stockholm, Yoga retreat in Nice Spring 2017

Sara C, Stockholm

“I arrived for our yoga retreat weekend without any expectations. I was overwhelmed by how great the food tasted, how wonderful and insightful the yoga instructor was, the stunning scenery and had the best hostess that welcomed us with open arms. Already booked for next spring’s retreat!”.

Sara C from Stockholm, Yoga retreat in Nice Spring 2016

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